How does Support Coordination help me?

A Support Coordinator will help you to build the skills that you need to understand, implement and use your NDIS plan. A Support Coordinator will work with both you and other therapists involved in your life to ensure you are able to access as many services as possible.

Support Coordination will be added into your NDIS plan, depending on your goals and requests!

A Support Coordinator will focus on supporting you to direct your life, not just the services available. They will focus on assisting you to build and maintain a resilient network of both informal and formal supports.

Support Coordination is a collaborative process, you should work alongside your Support Coordinator to discuss how you would like to see your supports used, and what to expect from these services!


Why do I have Support Coordination in my plan?

To help you understand and implement your plan to achieve your goals!

What can my Support Coordinator help me to do?
  • Make the most of your funded supports.
  • Access community and mainstream services.
  • Build your ability to become more independent.
  • Connect with people in your life including families and providers.
  • Help you understand costs and choose how much you want to pay for services.
What should I expect from my Support Coordinator?
  • They will always ensure you have choice and control.
  • Treat you with respect.
  • Never make decisions on your behalf, instead use their knowledge to break down your options to better help you make the best decision for you!
  • Be always up to date with new NDIS information.